You are no longer a human

Say What? That’s right. You are no longer a human. You are a social security number, a driver’s license number, a checking account number, a criminal record, and a credit score. You no longer own your own body, your children, your car, or your house. It is all property of the state, the police state, […]

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Freestyle Rebel

Today I am going to freestyle write. No sources will be listed. This will all be off the top of my head. I’ll be as accurate as I can without the use of any search engines, articles, or anything except for my own experiences and knowledge. Profanity will be used. No holds barred. In recent […]

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Police Abuse Their Power

Before I even begin ranting on about this subject here is my disclaimer of sorts: I know police have a horrible job, they deal with psychos and dangerous criminals almost every day and risk their lives in the name of public safety. There are good hearted, fair police officers out there and I have seen […]

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Gay Marriage and other Oxymorons

So, I’m going to have to rant for a minute due to the fact that I’ve been seeing so many G+ posts and tweets praising the ‘victory’ of ‘equal rights’ meaning ‘gay marriage legalized in every state of the union’. Now, there was actually a time when I wouldn’t have cared either way. However, recently […]

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